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Family doctor

If you are experiencing personal problems, it is important to talk about it with someone. Your family doctor is often the first and most suitable person to talk these problems over with. Your family doctor knows you best and has a clear view on your background and case history. If he/she is unable to personally help you he/she will present you with the proper recommendation of professional help.

If you do not have a fixed family doctor you can contact a ‘Sociaal Steunpunt’ to help you on the way. You could also visit a ‘Wijkgezondheidscentrum’ in your area, or you could take a look here 'find a family doctor'.


A 'wijkgezondheidscentrum' is a multidisciplinary group practice where people can get help for their health problems.  

Someone who listens.

Do you have a personal problem and you would like to talk about it with someone, (but not yet with your family doctor), then a ‘Luisterhuis’ could be something for you. In a ‘Luisterhuis’ there is always someone prepared to listen to you. It is free and anonymous.


Are you in need of therapeutic conversation, then TOUW might be something for you. At TOUW you can enjoy the benefits from therapy free of charge. TOUW is only for those whose financial power is too small. You can get 10 free individual sessions. When the sessions have terminated, and if needed, you will be referred to a different organisation.

  • TOUW (Berchem)
  • TEJO: from 10 years until 20 years (Antwerpen Centrum)

Centrum voor Algemeen Welzijnswerk (literally centre for general welfare)

’Centrum voor Algemeen Welzijnswerk’  (CAW) offers professional assistance to people with problems. Aid workers will help you look for solutions. They will also look for the possibilities that can be found in you or within your community. The CAW can be contacted by e-mail, by chat or by phone (078/150 300).


Both a family doctor and a CAW know their way around social work very well. They can refer you to the proper advanced psychological assistance if you wish. They can also help you on your way if you need to be hospitalized for therapy. These are some examples of additional help they could refer you to:

Centra voor Geestelijke Gezondheidszorg (literally Centre for mental health)

These centers offer help to people with serious psychological problems. Every team comprises one or more psychiatrists, psychologists and aid workers.


A PAAZ is an open psychiatric department of a community hospital. People with various psychiatric or emotional problems can be admitted here for short periods. Generally people are admitted through a crisis; when you just can’t take it anymore, problems pile up and you get the feeling you lost control. Sometimes your friends or family advise you to do something about your problems. A PAAZ can be a safe environment to regain your strengths. Normally you stay there day and night, but for a limited period (generally it is 3 weeks).

Some PAAZ departments also offer help through day hospitalization, then you do not stay there during the night. You can go to a PAAZ for a short treatment for depressions, other mood disordersanxiety disorders, addiction and more.

Here are some psychiatric hospitals:

Psychiatric hospitals

A psychiatric hospital offers therapy and treatment if you have serious mental problems. You can go there if you need a long-term treatment. Multidisciplinary teams in a psychiatric hospital consists out of psychiatrists, psychologists, aid workers, nurses and more.

Psychiatric hospitals are

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